Thursday, August 04, 2016

a 17 piece red, white, and blue wardrobe

I finished my 31 Days of Red, White, & Blue. This time, I went the capsule route and narrowed it down to 17 pieces for 31 days...19 if you count the two tops I wore only once and ditched. This round features 8 pieces from Lularoe. If you haven't heard of Lularoe, you might want to hit the internet to find out more. Just so ya know, I am not a consultant, just a fan of the happy, comfy, clothes!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

31 days of red, white, and blue is back!

Days 1-12...trying hard to not drop it this time and for the most part I'm playing with Lularoe pieces. Bottoms at least, the tops do not work for me but I do love me an Azure skirt!

case in point

There is a blueberry scone in my purse. I feel like a blue-haired biddy with tissue up my sleeve and forgotten scones in my bag. At least I can remember when I bought it and that I had the brain matter to tuck it into a zip bag so it did not get stale. Speaking of which, I should make some coffee and enjoy it for brunch....


Life has been all sorts of busy and even slightly kooky for the past few months. My head has been wrapped around so many different things I think I got a creative concussion. There has been a bit of the foggity fog, the blues, allergies, and other party crashers; but I think things are clearing though maybe not the fog...or maybe there is just a residue fog gathering about...

I just wanted to give a little shout and say "Hey there! I'm here! I'm at the end of a very long tunnel but my flashlight has batteries so I'm good! I hope to see you sooner rather than later. Cheers!"

Phew! How's that for a lot of blather?

So, hey there. Hi! Howdy!